Information is valuable, applying the information is POWERFUL!

The Chase ERP Suite of Operations Efficiency Management Products will provide you full operational risk protection. In terms of Risk we manage:

People Efficiency

We mitigate your HR risks. Using fast process driven integrated systems we bring "A" Grade people into your organisation, put them to work and pay them.


Operations Efficiency

We maximise your operational efficiency. We quickly disseminate data across your operation to those who need it most because time and intel are crucial in risk prevention.


Technology Efficiency

We mitigate your asset risks. We understand you have stagnant operational data, we integrate and we pull data into one platform and deliver it to those who need it most.


Mobile Efficiency

We send, and receive, crucial data to and from your mobile device to harness the power of having a risk prevention tool in your hands at all times.


We're the intelligence behind every solution!

People, Operations, Technology Risk Management

Chase Since 1999

Take CCTV data management for example:

Most CCTV installations do not have a comprehensive data management software system designed to mitigate risk. We take footage, events, logs from your CCTV systems, and complete the process using Chase. Risk management is not about gathering data, it's about harnessing the power of what the data is telling you - we do that!

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CH3 - Sukema's Australia Partner

CH3 is an Australian owned organisation and a group of companies that has hardware, application, infrastructure and labour agreements with a range of organisations worldwide to deliver low cost, quality and performance.

Our expertise lies in Document Composition, Software Development, Business Applications, Engineering, Information Technology and 3D Printing.

Stories from the field

The Story of the off-line CCTV Camera

– names and places have been adjusted to protect the innocent!

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the Waterback Mall, everything was running like normal, suddenly a massive explosion was heard throughout the shopping centre, an ATM had been blown up!  Amidst the confusion and panic a well oiled security force, maintenance teams, OHS personnel, and others jumped into action all managed by a platform called CHASE .

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Enforce Operations runs on Chase

Sukema partners with Enforce Security Services to better manage their operations. Enforce Testimonial.


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Ask us about the all new Chase Operations Efficiency Management System, a brand new product! Compliance, quality, efficiency and control.

We have recently launched a new Recruitbank promo package and marketing website, go to to check it out. 

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Keeping Universities Safe

We help manage safety, security, OHS, maintenance, traffic permitting and parking, traffic offences, hazardous chemicals and lost property on University campuses across South Africa. We are also very excited having been awarded the tender for the University of Kwazulu Natal making it eight universities we now provide solutions and services for!

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Medical Research Centre, Omega Risk Solutions, Southern Cross Security, Alcor Security, Secure Group, ITS, Thorburn Technical Services, Venda University.

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